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PL Connection is the main event entirely dedicated to Private Label. With a format comprising an exhibition fair and a conference, we welcomed over 3,000 visitors and more than 100 exhibitors in its first edition!

It was a unique and essential opportunity for anyone who wishes to be among the best and most competitive companies in the sector.

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We decided to participate for the first time in PL Connection this year. The fair is new too. We have been working for nine years with our private label brands outside of Brazil, serving several chains, brands in the foreign market. Now, considering the necessity in the market, we saw that, especially in our Pet Products sector, the market has shown a lack of certified suppliers, which have a quality an appeal, especially considering the importance of pets for households and their increasing prominence in the daily lives of people in Brazil, we understand that, as a company ready to serve the global market, we have a huge potential to explore in Brazil, and PL Connection was our first contact with this market. Thirty to sixty days ago, we decided to start operating our private labels with Brazilian brands, with great contacts and a lot of people from overseas. The pet market has attracted a lot of attention, including people from other segments, so thinking outside the box, we managed to establish an interesting dialogue with a number of stakeholders from other sectors, which as pharmacy and food and beverages for humans. By looking at the potential and growth of the pet market and by being prepared to meet all types of demand with quality assurance, we also found ourselves ready to meet a demand in the domestic market.
Daniel Ernst
Peppy Pet
We at Tropisuco are very surprised with the results of this fair. We were not expecting such a high number of visitors, and it really added a lot of value, binging us very close to our clients and giving us the opportunity to show a little of the work we have been doing, as well as our private label brand and our development of new products, innovation, and packaging technologies, which is crucial. A fair such as this one undoubtedly adds a lot in terms of expansion and the opportunity for private brands to discover new plants and new suppliers, as well bringing new entrants. We are really satisfied with the fair, and we will certainly be attending the next one. At Tropisuco, we already have a number of very large brands and clients, and the fair provided us with new dealings, so this makes me very pleased.
Vanessa Flavia
Hello! My name is Ivan. I represent the company Açai Mata. I am going to tell you a little bit about what I think of the fair itself. The fair was above my expectations. It was very good in terms of set design and in terms of the attending public. As for the private brands – or as we call them in Brazil, marcas próprias – I have had my private label brand since 1992. So, it has been 30 years since I created joined this macro market, which with the Aro brand. The concept at the time barely existed in Brazil – it was a thing that only very select companies had. No one really believed in private label brands in Brazil at the time, because people wanted to have their own brands, but I always believed in the concept of private labels. They remained somewhat stagnant in the market for a long time, but today, we are witnessing a boom, perhaps mirroring what is taking place in Europe and United States, where they are already a very common thing. Personally, I put a lot of faith in the private label brands, and I think that entrepreneurs who fail to invest in them will be left behind. I believe that this fair is great, and I hope to be here next year, making our own brands grow more and more. I have a fairly recent experience, with a potato line, also from our factory. and this line’s private label share represents 80% of our revenue. So, really, it is a very interesting concept. And, to reiterate, those who fail to keep an eye on this trend will be left behind.
Yvan Yacob
Açaí da Mata
I am Fabrício from LQB. In my opinion, and on behalf of my company LQB, this fair is crucial in showcasing the strength that the private label is gaining in Brazil while highlighting the quality and availability of various products, various brands, and various sectors. To me, the fair was very productive and had a very high value, because it showed us that private labels are here to stay, and with good quality.
LQB Laboratório Químico
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The main event entirely dedicated to the private label sector in Latin America.

Where the main industry and retail leaders got together to explore new opportunities, discuss challenges, and build a solid future for the private label sector.